Talking with your Kids about Alcohol

Talking with your kids about Alcohol

Talk about alcohol with your child – the earlier the better

Alcohol consumption is heavily ingrained in our culture, and chances are your teen has already tried a beer, or something stronger. Even though you might prefer they wait until they’re older to start the conversation, now is the time to discuss their alcohol use with them, calmly and in an informed way.

Many young people don’t really understand the potential risks involved with alcohol use at a young age. As a parent, caregiver or supportive adult, being informed about alcohol and its effects on youth can help you to initiate early, open and honest conversations with your pre-teens and teens.

Balanced conversations about alcohol can have a positive impact on the choices young people make as they grow into adulthood, and help them to make responsible decisions about its use.

Share and discuss Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines with your older teen or young adult, and ask them if they feel it’s something they can follow.

Looking for more information on Alcohol as well as helpful suggestions on how to begin these important conversations with your child? Download the DFK Youth and Alcohol PDF here.