Our Advisory Council

Drug Free Kids Canada’s Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is comprised of a group of talented and committed subject matter experts who are closely involved in the fields of youth substance abuse, addiction and drug prevention.

DFK Canada has access to their combined expertise to ensure that our website content is kept up to date with the latest scientific and evidence based information available.

For information on how to contact any one of our Advisory Council Members, please contact us at: info@drugfreekidscanada.org.

  • Glenn Barnes, MHA

    Glenn Barnes, MHA

    Expertise: Youth Addiction Treatment
    Health Administrator, Consultant
    Former CEO – Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, Ottawa

  • Dr. Sean Barrett, PhD

    Dr. Sean Barrett, PhD

    Expertise: Substance Abuse and Addiction
    Assoc. Professor and Director of Clinical Training,
    Dept of Psychology/Neuroscience, Dalhousie University

  • Dr. Richard Bélanger, MD FRCPC

    Dr. Richard Bélanger, MD FRCPC

    Expertise: Adolescent and young adult health

    Pediatrician specializing in Adolescence, Clinical Researcher – Centre mère-enfant Soleil CHU Québec – Université Laval

  • Rose-Marie Charest

    Rose-Marie Charest

    Expertise: Clinical Psychologist
    Clinical Psychologist with a private practice, Past President of Quebec Order of Psychologists

  • Dr. Peter Choate, PhD, RSW

    Dr. Peter Choate, PhD, RSW

    Expertise: Child Protection and Addiction
    Clinical Social Worker and Ass’t Professor of Social Work, Mount Royal University

  • Dr. Patricia Conrod, PhD

    Dr. Patricia Conrod, PhD

    Expertise: Youth Addiction Prevention
    (CoVenture – a school drug prevention and health program)
    Psychologist and Professor of Psychology, Université de Montreal

  • Dr. Victoria Creighton, Psy.D

    Dr. Victoria Creighton, Psy.D

    Expertise: Treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in youth
    Clinical Director, Pine River Institute, Ontario

  • Dr. Claude Cyr, MD

    Dr. Claude Cyr, MD

    Expertise: Pain Management and Mental Health

    Family Practitioner and founder of Doctors for Responsible Access

  • Kathryn Djordjevic, RPh, BScPhm

    Kathryn Djordjevic, RPh, BScPhm

    Expertise : Pharmacist
    Independent Consultant for clinical practice, education, and health tech startups

  • Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson

    Deputy Chief Tim Farquharson

    Expertise: Law Enforcement
    Deputy Chief of Police, Peterborough Police Service, Drug Advisory Committee, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), Substance Advisory Committee, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, (OACP)

  • Dr. Tony P. George M.D., FRCPC

    Dr. Tony P. George M.D., FRCPC

    Expertise: Pharmacology of drugs of abuse, co-morbid substance abuse and serious mental illness.
    Chief of Addictions, CAMH
    Professor of Psychiatry, University of Toronto



  • Dr. Abby Goldstein, PhD

    Dr. Abby Goldstein, PhD

    Expertise: Addictive Behaviours among adolescents
    Clinical Psychologist,
    Canada Research Chair in the Psychology of Emerging Adulthood,
    Associate Professor of Psychology, OISE, University of Toronto

  • David Hammond, PhD

    David Hammond, PhD

    Expertise: Global Health, Drug Policy and Harm Reduction

    Professor, CIHR-PHAC Chair in Applied Public Health, University of Waterloo

  • Dr. Martin Laliberté, MD

    Dr. Martin Laliberté, MD

    Expertise: Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology
    Medical Director of the Canadian Association of Poison Control Centres Ass’t Professor of Medicine, McGill University

  • Anne Elizabeth Lapointe

    Anne Elizabeth Lapointe

    Expertise: Addiction and Prevention

    Executive Director, Addiction Prevention Centre (APC) and Maison Jean Lapointe

  • Dr. Steven Laviolette

    Dr. Steven Laviolette

    Expertise: Neuroscientist
    Researchs Neurobiology of addiction, schizophrenia, autism and PTSD. Assoc. Professor University of Western Ontario

  • Dr. Chris Montoya, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Dr. Chris Montoya, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Expertise: Physiological Psychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology
    Psychologist with a private practice, Academic and Senior Lecturer at Thompson Rivers University

  • Dr. Marie-Eve Morin, MD, CMFC

    Dr. Marie-Eve Morin, MD, CMFC

    Expertise: General Practitioner, Addiction Treatment
    Founder and Medical Director of Clinique Caméléon

  • Dr. Louise Nadeau

    Dr. Louise Nadeau

    Expertise: Alcohol, substance and gambling addictions
    Psychologist, Professor of Psychology, Université de Montréal, Associate Researcher, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University

  • Christina Nona, HBsc

    Christina Nona, HBsc

    Expertise: Addiction research,
    Neuropharmacology, Statistics

    PhD Candidate, Neuropharmacology, University of Toronto

  • Dr. Amy Porath, PhD

    Dr. Amy Porath, PhD

    Expertise: Youth mental health and addiction
    Director, Research and Knowledge Mobilization, Knowledge Institute on Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

  • Dr. John Sader

    Dr. John Sader

    Expertise: Family medicine
    Family Practitioner specializing in substance use disorders and dependency.

  • Chief Constable Mike Serr

    Chief Constable Mike Serr

    Expertise: Law Enforcement
    Chief Constable, Abbotsford Police Department, Drug Abuse Committee Chair, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)

  • Dr. Jacqueline Smith, RN, BN, PhD

    Dr. Jacqueline Smith, RN, BN, PhD

    Expertise: Educator, Family and Addiction Counsellor

    Director of Mental Health & Wellness, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary


  • Dr. Maude St-Onge, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Dr. Maude St-Onge, MD, PhD, FRCPC

    Expertise: Emergency physician Clinical pharmacology and toxicology
    Director, Quebec Ministry of Health Poison and Drug Information Service

  • Dr. Philip Tibbo

    Dr. Philip Tibbo

    Expertise: Psychiatrist, Psychotic Disorders

    Professor, Researcher, Dalhousie University, Director of the Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program (NSEPP)

  • Dr. Christine Wekerle, PhD

    Dr. Christine Wekerle, PhD

    Expertise: Pediatric Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology
    Associate Professor Pediatrics at McMaster University
    International Society of Child and Adolescent Resilience

  • Dr. Mark Yarema, MD FRCPC

    Dr. Mark Yarema, MD FRCPC

    Expertise: Emergency Physician and Medical Toxicologist
    Ass’t Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Alberta, Calgary
    Medical Director of Alberta’s Poison and Drug Information Service (PADIS)